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Floridians expect awful weather conditions, but that doesn’t make it
any easier when the worst finally comes to pass.

Between the winds, floods and debris, hurricanes are no laughing matter and are often one of the most notable culprits of long-term structural damage due to leaks, holes or unseen damages.

In 2017 alone:

• 17 named hurricanes (Irma being the worst)
• Harvey had wind speeds up to 130mph
• Damages cost Americans over $125 billion

Kling Law has the expertise to help you navigate the insurance claim process and the compassion to help you understand what your options are and make the best decisions possible.

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Get Help Filing Your Insurance Claim

Do you know the difference between hurricane damage, wind damage, flood damage and water damage? Did you know that your insurance company will reject your claim request if you don’t file the damages correctly? Don’t let your insurance company reject your claim without speaking to our team of expert attorneys first!

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We’ve seen plenty of bad situations where an insurance companies only partially pays on a filed claim or even completely rejects a claim based on an exclusion hidden somewhere within the policy.
Kling Law’s team of experienced lawyers know hurricane insurance claim law and are prepared to assist you with your claim.


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